Our Projects


autonomous Warehouse

One of our foremost goals is to raise enough money to purchase a property in Tijuana, Mexico, that will serve as a multi-purpose, autonomous refugee center. As the asylum seekers make their way up north, refugees continue to be exposed to harsh conditions and violence from police forces, organized criminal organizations, as well as xenophobia. Additionally, while they await their asylum hearings at the U.S.-Mexico border, Central American migrants are often pushed into mass encampments and insecure living conditions. In this precarious environment, it is crucial for refugees to have access to a stable, long-term, and migrant-organized space. This location will providing safety and support for incoming caravans as well

It is crucial to have a physical space where refugees can keep each other safe and accomplish their work in solidarity with other asylum seekers en route to Tijuana. The autonomous space will be used to house asylum seekers, host community meals, share legal information, provide healthcare, and disseminate information.


Legal Support

We actively connect migrants held in detention centers seeking asylum with outside legal aid. Demand for legal support is high especially when it comes to bailing refugees out of detention centers and figuring out what the next steps are. We will try to find resources no matter the specific case such as connecting folks to sponsorship information which includes housing and support for refugees formerly in detention centers going through the asylum process. If you are interested or want more information on how to sponsor a refugee email us at resistenciarelativa@gmail.com.


South of the Border

We are providing daily, direct support south of the colonial border, whether that is through responding to day-to-day needs (food, transportation, lodging, etc) and crises. Though many have fled their homes due to structural and interpersonal violence, we have witnessed the many direct dangers they face at the hands of government agencies, organized criminal organizations, as well as xenophobic Mexican groups. Our commitment to accompliceship and relative privilege as US citizens is exercised as we remain steadfast in this struggle and organize alongside caravaneres, supporting their goals and understanding their needs.


Art & Media Team

We are building a radical and imaginative movement that aims to amplify the voices of the Central American caravan in the global consciousness both online and offline. Our blogs, compelling artwork, and social media accounts, etc, discuss the needs and motivations of migrants, document the exodus, and share their stories as refugees in this climate of white-nationalism and corporate colonialism. The work we do in this way provides powerful counternarratives to the hegemony of imperialist governments and corporate news outlets. Through popular and independent media, we will build solidarity across the world and mobilize others to join us and engage in the struggle through organizing and resource redistribution, specifically by fundraising.