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Our Story

Resistencia Relativa (RR) is a San Francisco Bay-Area based collective of activists, organizers, students, educators, and artists dedicated to supporting the Central American exodus in their fight for migration, asylum, and life. We are determined to work together to sustain migrant-led initiatives to create autonomous shelters, community kitchens, and other programs to support the caravan. It is our vision to create a cross-national network of people who can support our refugee relatives’ organizing efforts from across all borders.

Through mutual aid we are working together to find our own ways to support our relatives’  self-determination, freedom of movement and resistance to the systematic abuse of power perpetuated by governments, corporations, and private profit. Autonomously organized groups of refugees escaping from Central America continue to walk in resistance and in faith that their unity will break the cycle of oppressions that they must endure. We hope to amplify their voices, respond to their needs as they continue to organize, and we need to connect our networks to be able to maximize our solidarity.

Our Statement

We aim to uplift the voices of people who continue to be the targets of U.S. imperialism. Through our actions we will uplift the struggle and resistance of our Relatives across America Latina. We are inside the empire — our relative privilege on this side of the colonial border gives us the “right” to protest. Through our positionality in the world as descendants of Relatives who were displaced by U.S. imperialism we have the obligation to fight in solidarity with those facing the brunt of violence. We find ourselves in a position of living the ongoing trauma of colonialism within the belly of the beast. We understand how U.S. imperialism forces out our Relatives off their native countries. 

Our Relatives, in their of hope of a better life, were forced to flee their home countries. The U.S. has the nerve to deny that it is due to their imperialism that our Relatives are being displaced. The greed of imperialism leaves the U.S. with no humanity to the extent that the U.S. puts our children in cages and profits off our struggle. 

We fight in solidarity with Relatives across the globe who struggle against ongoing colonial projects. Migration should be beautiful, but it has been painful for a long time. No one is illegal on stolen land. No human being is illegal.